Girls’ Coat, Sweatshirt and Tracksuit – Clothes Every Little Girl Needs

As your little girl grows up, it can be hard knowing what clothes to buy, especially as young children grow up so quickly. You need make your own sweatshirt to buy items that are season specific and that can be grown onto, without looking too big whilst they are still small. A coat will last most adults two years at least depending on the quality, however most children need a new one every autumn. You want to make sure you buy a coat that can last them from autumn to spring without having to buy them a new one. Most children don’t like fussy clothes, they prefer to be able to pull things over their head or up to the waist without having to fasten buttons or fiddle with zips. A tracksuit can be fashionable as well as practical, and an oversized sweatshirt will be a wardrobe staple for years to come.

Girls Coats
Buying a girls coat can be a tricky decision to make. You want one that they will enjoy wearing, which looks stylish and will take them from autumn to spring. It is more than likely that you will be buying a new coat every year, so it is important to get your money’s worth during that 12 months. Buying a coat that can be the final layer of an outfit is what you are looking for. Sleeves that are ¾ in length are perfect as you can wear it in the warmer months of the year over a vest or short sleeved t shirt but layer long sleeved tops and jumpers under it as it gets colder.

Oversized Sweatshirt
I love to cuddle up in an oversized sweatshirt when it is cold or wear it with jeans when you can’t be bothered to make an effort. Children are the same, they like to be able to pull on a jumper that isn’t tight, doesn’t ride up and covers their lower back. Jumpers which are just that bit too big are a wardrobe staple, and if you get one with a cool design on it, it can look stylish even though you are wearing it precisely because you cannot be bothered to think of a stylish outfit to put your daughter in.

After you have been swimming or when you want to play outside, jeans can be the last thing that little girls want to wear. The rigid denim does not allow for easy movement and it can be a hassle having to do up all the zips and buttons. A tracksuit is the ideal alternative to jeans and a jacket, for little girls and their mums. Stretchy materials means flexibility, which children love when they are being active, it also means that mum does not have to worry about ironing them. Well designed tracksuits will be able to withstand hundreds of washes, so you can get as dirty as you want whilst the shape remains like new and the material does not wear down.

Having these staples in your daughters’ wardrobe will mean that you never have to worry about finding her an outfit for a casual play date or looking stylish whilst trying to stay warm.

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